This world is dark and filled with pain. We all long for something to put our hope in that won’t disappoint us, but so many things do — relationships, jobs, dreams and more. What if you could put your hope in something that you knew wouldn’t let you down? That’s what it’s like to put your hope in Jesus.


Jesus is the Son of God. He lived on Earth more than 2,000 years ago, and He lived a perfect life.

Did you know that He’s the only person to ever live a perfect life? Everyone else has done something wrong, or gone against what God wants us to do. This is called sin. Sin entered the world a long time ago through the disobedience of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. Ever since, the world has not worked the way it was designed. This is the reason the world is full of pain — because of sin. And because we all sin, we face judgment and consequences from God.

But that’s why Jesus came to Earth! He came to save us from this judgment. He lived a perfect life, but then He died an unjust death on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins. Through Jesus’ death, God offered forgiveness to all who believe in Jesus and admit their need for a savior. You must humble yourself and admit your sins. God is faithful to forgive you if you do (1 John 1:9)! Jesus saves us from the punishment for our sins and gives us a chance to be made right with God.

Why is he trustworthy and worth hoping in?

After He was killed on the cross for us, Jesus came back from the dead three days later, defeating death.

Because of this, our hope no longer needs to be put in the things of this world. Instead, we can put it in the power of the resurrection (1 Peter 1:3). Because Jesus Christ rose from the dead, we can be sure that we are saved from eternal death into eternal life if we believe in Him.

The hope we have in Jesus does more than just let us know that we’re saved from death. It also gives us patience in waiting for Him, gladness in our lives now and boldness to share with others.

That fact that we are able to know God and be forgiven by Him through Jesus Christ’s work is an amazing gift!

What Will You Put Your Hope In?

Do you want to put your hope in Jesus (1 Timothy 1:1)? If you do, He will ultimately never let you down. You can start by talking to Him — praying something like this:


"Lord Jesus,
I believe you are God's Son.
Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.
Please forgive my sins.
I accept your gift of eternal life.
I'm asking you into my life and heart
now as my Lord and Savior.
I want to serve you always."

Did you pray this prayer?