30 Day Next Steps

Day 18: Workers With Him

What work does God want me to do?

We are “…workers together with Him.”

2 Corinthians 6:1

Do you think of God as alive, active and engaged? Remarkably, the “gods” in almost every non-Christian religion are passive, abstract or mere historical figures.

Jesus said, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working” (John 5:17). God did not simply create the universe with an explosive burst of divine energy, then back off to let it run on its own. Rather, He is intimately involved, in us, around us, in every situation and circumstance.

If we don’t recognize God is at work, we risk doing in our own strength, that which He wants to do through us. The two approaches are very different.

Joining God in His work is an extraordinary privilege. He leads, and as His co-worker, you follow. Your every sense becomes alert to His activity. Nothing is random. Everything is part of a larger design. For example:

  • You notice the downcast face of a neighbor who has recently lost a loved one, and you extend God’s comfort and compassion.
  • You miss an airline flight, and later discover God had a purpose in your being delayed.

Think about your current situation — as a student or as you begin your work career or start a family. Are you changing jobs or planning to retire? You’re not where you are by accident. Adjust your focus away from your agenda to God’s by asking, “Where are You working, and how can I join You in Your work?”

Day 19: Assembling Together

What doors of opportunity has God opened for you today? Will you join him in his work? Are you watching for opportunities to work with God?

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