30 Day Next Steps

Day 8: Why 30 Days?

When will the good changes begin?

He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

1 John 4:4

When we make any kind of significant adjustment in our lives, the first 30 days are critical. Studies show it takes this long to shed an old habit, or establish a new one. So let the “habit” of studying God’s word, learning His character and His ways become well rooted. You’ve begun the adventure of a lifetime, but there are risks.

Here are two ways you can be pulled off course and how to deal with each.

  1. Family and friends who don’t understand. Regardless of how much or how little you’ve said to others, they will notice differences in you. Some will want to know more, but others may be antagonistic and mock you. The best course is not to be defensive or argumentative, but to let Jesus, who now lives in you, love them through you. Hopefully, in time, they will want to change too. But whatever you do, don’t let others pull you back into your old ways.
  2. Bad habits that are not easily broken. Maybe you’re in an unhealthy relationship or weighed down by lifelong struggles. You may feel it’s too difficult. You may think, “I can’t make it in this new life.” Don’t give in to these thoughts. Based on my experience, it won’t be long before you see some real victories. Remember, Jesus took you to Himself just as you were. He loves you unconditionally and will guide and strengthen you every step of the way.

Day 9: The Helper

Have you asked God to show you what He wants you to leave behind or what good habits He would like you to pick up? Get advice from someone who cares.

Get Advice