Know God and your life will be transformed

Read the Bible in One Year

It's OK if you join in in the middle of the year, or even miss a few days here and there. There is wisdom to be drawn from every day of reading the Bible.

Written by Jesse Bradley

January 1     Read John 1 :1-18     Start a conversation with someone about Jesus today
January 2     Read Genesis 1-4    Stop trying to hide from God and return to Him. 
January 3     Read Genesis 5-8     Spend time listening to God, then do what He says.
January 4     Read Genesis 9-12     How can you bless someone from a different nation?
January 5     Read Psalms 1-3     Spend extra time in God's word today.
January 6     Read Genesis 13-16     Give God a tithe (10 percent) off the top for the rest of your life.
January 7     Read Genesis 17-19     Remember what God has done that seemed impossible.
January 8     Read Genesis 20-22     Make faithfulness your goal during a time of testing.
January 9     Read Job 1-4     Worship God with all of your heart; don't be lukewarm.
January 10     Read Job 5-8     Pour out your soul to God and give Him your burdens.
January 11     Read Job 9-12     What are the works and mysteries about God that leave you in awe?
January 12     Read Psalms 4-7     Wake up early to intentionally meet with God.
January 13     Read Job 13-16     Comfort a friend with compassionate words.
January 14     Read Job 17-20     Share with someone about eternal life in Jesus.
January 15     Read Job 21-24     Teach a child about the love of God.
January 16     Read Job 25-28     Turn from sin and honor the Lord.
January 17     Read Job 29-32     How can your friendship with God grow?
January 18     Read Job 33-36     Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit.
January 19     Read Psalms 8-11     Enjoy time with God in nature and appreciate His creation.
January 20     Read Job 37-39     Stop trying to do God's work in your own strength.
January 21     Read Job 40-42     How do you need to humble yourself before God?
January 22     Read Genesis 23-26     Visit someone who is aging or very ill.
January 23     Read Genesis 27-30     Forgive the most difficult person to forgive.
January 24     Read Genesis 31-34     How has God protected you?
January 25     Read Genesis 35-38     Where is God leading you to go?
January 26     Read Psalms 13-14     Trust God and let go of your worries.
January 27     Read Genesis 39-42     Keep a healthy distance from hot temptations.
January 28     Read Genesis 43-46     Pray for the success of three people who are serving God.
January 29     Read Genesis 47-50     Help provide for someone who needs food.
January 30     Read Exodus 1-3     Stop underestimating how God wants to use you.
January 31     Read Exodus 4-6     Get rid of your excuses and share your faith.

February 1     Read Exodus 7-9     Find someone who wants to serve the Lord with you.
February 2      Read Psalms 15-19     Keep your word, even when it hurts.
February 3     Read Exodus 10-12     Explain to someone how there is forgiveness because of Jesus.
February 4     Read Exodus 13-15     Be still and ask God to win the battle; you need Him.
February 5     Read Exodus 16-18     How has God provided for you in the wilderness?
February 6     Read Exodus 19-21     Why did God give us the Ten Commandments?
February 7     Read Exodus 22-24     Fast for one meal and seek God sincerely.
February 8     Read Exodus 25-27     How is your light for the Lord shining where you live?
February 9     Read Psalms 18-20     Let God search your heart and yield to Him fully.
February 10     Read Exodus 28-30     How is Jesus the Lamb of God, who takes away our sins?
February 11     Read Exodus 31-33     Linger in God's presence today.
February 12     Read Exodus 34-37     How is God calling you to go the second mile?
February 13     Read Exodus 38-40     Wait on God and make sure He is leading you.
February 14     Read Leviticus 1-3     What is God calling you to do?
February 15     Read Leviticus 4-6     How can you set an example for other people?
February 16     Read Psalms 21-23    Share with someone why Jesus died on the cross. 
February 17     Read Leviticus 7-9     How are you glorifying the Lord?
February 18     Read Leviticus 10-12     Pray for your family and nation to honor God's holiness.
February 19     Read Leviticus 13-15     If you are a follower of Jesus, you are a priest.
February 20     Read Leviticus 16-18     Do not conform to the destructive patterns of this world.
February 21     Read Leviticus 19-21     Choose integrity over shortcuts and slander.
February 22     Read Leviticus 22-24     Invite someone to church and offer them a ride.
February 23     Read Psalms 24-26     Pray with someone and seek God's face together.
February 24     Read Leviticus 25-27     Open your home and serve a meal as you build relationships.
February 25     Read Numbers 1-3     Pray for your entire family to know Jesus.
February 26     Read Numbers 4-6     Pray for someone who is stressed to experience God's peace.
February 27     Read Numbers 7-9     Ask God for courage to follow Him in a new way.
February 28     Read Numbers 10-12     Multiply by finding someone who will encourage others to serve Jesus.

March 1     Read Numbers 13-15     What are the new roles, possessions, territories, and victories God is giving you?
March 2      Read Psalms 27-29     What are you waiting for and what posture are you taking?
March 3     Read Numbers 16-18     Are you respecting leadership or are you in a complaining club?
March 4     Read Numbers 19-21     What is the gospel and how are you sharing it?
March 5     Read Numbers 22-24     How have you discovered your blind spots and how teachable are you?
March 6     Read Numbers 25-27     How are you developing future leaders?
March 7     Read Numbers 28-30     Who are you sharing God's Word with during the week?
March 8     Read Numbers 31-33     Are you following God wholeheartedly?
March 9     Read Psalms 30-32     When has God brought you joy after a difficult time?
March 10     Read Numbers 34-36     How are you a servant leader who promotes justice?
March 11     Read Deuteronomy 1-3     How can you serve with more teams instead of alone?
March 12     Read Deuteronomy 4-6     How and what is God communicating with you?
March 13     Read Deuteronomy 7-9     What happens when people take God for granted and lose reverence?
March 14     Read Deuteronomy 10-12     How can you know if someone loves God?
March 15     Read Deuteronomy 13-15     What are some popular idols in your country?
March 16     Read Psalms 33-35   Are you willing to let God take away all of your shame?
March 17     Read Deuteronomy 16-18     How generous are you toward the Lord?
March 18     Read Deuteronomy 19-21     Why are negative attitudes so dangerous?
March 19     Read Deuteronomy 22-24     How does God show compassion for people in need?
March 20     Read Deuteronomy 25-27     How committed are you to integrity in all areas of life?
March 21     Read Deuteronomy 28-30     How are obedience and blessings connected?
March 22     Read Deuteronomy 31-34     What does it mean that God goes ahead of you?
March 23     Read Psalms 36-38     How does God's faithfulness comfort you?
March 24     Read Joshua 1-3     Why and how has God called you to be courageous?
March 25     Read Joshua 4-6     How are you praying and setting an example for your nation?
March 26     Read Joshua 7-9     How does hidden sin affect you and hold you back from victories?
March 27     Read Joshua 10-12     When has God amazed you with His provision?
March 28     Read Joshua 13-15     How has God moved you past your excuses?
March 29     Read Joshua 16-18     Have you been procrastinating what the Lord wants you to do?
March 30     Read Psalms 39-41     In what ways do you need God's help today?
March 31     Read Joshua 19-21     Which specific promises of God encourage you?

April 1     Read Joshua 22-24     What do you want to say to the youngest generation?
April 2     Read Judges 1-3     How can you intentionally remember what God has done for you?
April 3     Read Judges 4-6     Who has God brought into your life to serve with you?
April 4     Read Judges 7-9     How can you lead by example?
April 5     Read Judges 10-12     Get rid of any idols you still have in your life.
April 6     Read Psalms 42-44     How can you overcome discouragement?
April 7     Read Judges 13-15     Are you holding on to any bitterness or hatred?
April 8     Read Judges 16-18     How are you protecting your purity?
April 9     Read Judges 19-21     What questions are you asking God in prayer?
April 10     Read Ruth 1-4     How do you need to express and live out loyalty?
April 11     Read 1 Samuel 1-3     How often are you pouring your heart out to the Lord?
April 12     Read 1 Samuel 4-6     How has the glory of God departed in your country?
April 13     Read Psalms 45-47     Are you taking enough time to be still before God?
April 14     Read 1 Samuel 7-9     How has God helped you in special ways along your journey?
April 15     Read 1 Samuel 10-13     How can you support your leaders?
April 16     Read 1 Samuel 14-16    What risks is God wanting you to take?
April 17     Read 1 Samuel 17-19     How are you representing the Lord?
April 18     Read 1 Samuel 20-22     How can you be a faithful friend this week?
April 19     Read 1 Samuel 23-25     Are you listening closely in prayer for God's direction?
April 20     Read Psalms 48-50     How has God delivered you?
April 21     Read 1 Samuel 26-28     How can you be kind to someone who wrongs you?
April 22     Read 1 Samuel 29-31     How can you help people who are considering suicide?
April 23     Read 2 Samuel 1-3    How can you be a peacemaker with people who disagree with you?
April 24     Read 2 Samuel 4-6    Has God ever provided after you waited for many years?
April 25     Read 2 Samuel 7-9    How does God amaze you with His generosity?
April 26     Read 2 Samuel 10-12     Does God want you to rebuke someone in a specific way?
April 27     Read Psalms 51-53     Spend time in confession and receive God's grace.
April 28     Read 2 Samuel 13-15     How can you encourage someone who has been sexually abused?
April 29     Read 2 Samuel 16-18     How can you have more self-control in your reactions?
April 30     Read 2 Samuel 19-21     How can God help you when people desert you?

May 1     Read 2 Samuel 22-24     In what ways has God rescued you?
May 2     Read 1 Kings 1-4     Help develop one future leader.
May 3     Read Proverbs 1-3     Give the Lord ten percent off the top.
May 4     Read Psalms 54-56     Spend an extended time praying today and lifting up your requests to God.
May 5     Read Proverbs 4-6     What is God leading you to do?
May 6     Read Proverbs 7-9     How can you spend more time savoring God's Word?
May 7     Read Proverbs 10-12     Reject all procrastination and excuses.
May 8     Read Proverbs 13-15     Commit to being more measured and wise with your words.
May 9     Read Proverbs 16-18     Are you making plans without consulting the Lord?
May 10     Read Proverbs 19-21     Speak truth even if there is a big price to pay.
May 11     Read Psalms 57-59     How are you fulfilling God's purpose for your life?
May 12     Read Proverbs 22-24     What habits and priorities does God want you to change?
May 13     Read Proverbs 25-27     Redirect the gossiper and refuse to be part of the problem.
May 14     Read Proverbs 28-31     Walk in integrity and apologize if you have been crooked with someone.
May 15     Read Song of Solomon 1-4     Don't date someone or pursue a relationship when God is not in it.
May 16     Read Song of Solomon 5-8    Diligently guard unity in your marriage.
May 17     Read 1 Kings 5-11     How can you build up solid partnerships?
May 18     Read Psalms 60-62     How can you increase your reliance on the Lord?
May 19     Read Ecclesiastes 1-4     Are you trusting and aligning with God's timing?
May 20     Read Ecclesiastes 5-8     Spend more time today listening to God.
May 21     Read Ecclesiastes 9-12     How can you practice generosity today?
May 22     Read 1 Kings 12-14     What conflict do you need to step back from now?
May 23     Read 1 Kings 15-17    Find a mentor and follow their example.
May 24     Read Psalms 63-65    How can you spread the love and good news of God to other nations?
May 25     Read 1 Kings 18-20    Pray for your city and country to turn to Jesus.
May 26     Read 1 Kings 21-22, 2 Kings 1     Humble yourself before God and drop all pride.
May 27     Read 2 Kings 2-4     How does God want you to bring healing in your family and community?
May 28     Read 2 Kings 5-7     Submit to godly advice even when you do not feel like doing it.
May 29     Read 2 Kings 8-10     Do you need to ask anyone a difficult question?
May 30     Read 2 Kings 11-14:25     How can you help repair and restore your church?
May 31     Read Psalms 66-68     Spread the gospel to another nation.

June 1     Read Jonah     Are you running away from God's call on your life?
June 2     Read 2 Kings 14:26-29     Pray for your national leaders now.
June 3     Read Amos 1-3     Is God leading you to a new role and way of serving Him?
June 4     Read Amos 4-6     What is holding you back from fully returning to and following God?
June 5     Read Amos 7-9     How does God's power inspire and rebuke you?
June 6     Read 2 Kings 15-17     What are some consequences of choosing sin?
June 7     Read 2 Kings 18-21     How can you earnestly seek God?
June 8     Read Psalms 69-71     Thank God for 10 specific blessings in your life.
June 9     Read 2 Kings 22-25     Read the Bible with someone this week.
June 10     Read 1 Chronicles 1-3     Pray for your biological family every day.
June 11     Read 1 Chronicles 4-6     Support someone who is serving the Lord.
June 12     Read 1 Chronicles 7-9     When has God restored something you lost?
June 13     Read 1 Chronicles 10-12     What is the best way to handle success?
June 14     Read 1 Chronicles 13-16     Why is worship so important?
June 15     Read Psalms 72-74     How does going to church change your perspective?
June 16     Read 1 Chronicles 17-19    Which of God's promises has made a difference in your life?
June 17     Read 1 Chronicles 20-22     Are you taking pride in your accomplishments and not giving God all the glory?
June 18     Read 1 Chronicles 23-25     How can you serve your church family more?
June 19     Read 1 Chronicles 26-29     Pray for people serving our nation in the military.
June 20     Read 2 Chronicles 1-3     Ask God for wisdom and insights so you make good decisions.
June 21     Read 2 Chronicles 4-6     How do you know that God is good?
June 22     Read Psalms 75-77     What are your favorite Bible passages and how do they encourage you?
June 23     Read 2 Chronicles 7-9    Seek God's face and repent from all sin.
June 24     Read 2 Chronicles 10-12    What areas of your life need to be strengthened and fortified?
June 25     Read 2 Chronicles 13-15    Don't give in to the temptation to quit.
June 26     Read 2 Chronicles 16-18     What does it look like to fear the Lord?
June 27     Read 2 Chronicles 19-22     How can you turn people away from lies and rebellion?
June 28     Read Joel 1-3, Obadiah     Intentionally fast and seek God this week.
June 29     Read Psalms 78-80     Are you making any unhealthy demands of God with an attitude of entitlement?
June 30     Read 2 Chronicles 23-26:8     Trust God in your battles. He has the power to overcome all that stands against you.

July 1     Read Isaiah 1-3     What temptations often come with prosperity?
July 2     Read Isaiah 4-6 and 2 Chronicles 26:9-23     How does God's holiness affect your daily decisions?
July 3     Read 2 Chronicles 27-29     Who is a young leader that you can disciple or affirm?
July 4     Read 2 Chronicles 30-32     What rituals does God want you to do during the year?
July 5     Read Isaiah 7-9     What is the significance of God's names in the Bible?
July 6     Read Psalms 81-83     How can you provide for and defend the cause of the fatherless?
July 7     Read Isaiah 10-12     How is the Holy Spirit working in your life?
July 8     Read Isaiah 13-15     How can you protect infants in our culture?
July 9     Read Isaiah 16-18     How can you guide people in your neighborhood and workplace to connect with their Maker?
July 10     Read Isaiah 19-21     How can you get people's attention through your actions and point people to God in a busy world?
July 11     Read Isaiah 22-24     How does God humble people?
July 12     Read Isaiah 25-27     How can you experience more of God's peace?
July 13     Read Psalms 84-86     In what ways are you joyfully serving other people during the day?
July 14     Read Isaiah 28-30     Why do so many people turn to alcohol?
July 15     Read Isaiah 31-33     What are some solutions when you are spiritually dry?
July 16     Read Isaiah 34-36     On what do you base your confidence?
July 17     Read Isaiah 37-39     When has God given you a second chance and extended your window of opportunity?
July 18     Read Isaiah 40-42     Who needs God's comfort today and how can you bring compassion to them?
July 19     Read Isaiah 43-45     How can parents best help their kids to know and love the Lord?
July 20     Read Psalms 87-90     How can you spread the message of God's love and faithfulness?
July 21     Read Isaiah 46-48     Why does God not share His glory with another?
July 22     Read Isaiah 49-51     How is God expanding your vision?
July 23     Read Isaiah 52-54    How often do you share good news about God with other people?
July 24     Read Isaiah 55-57    Why do people reject God's grace?
July 25     Read Isaiah 58-60    What is the purpose of fasting?
July 26     Read Isaiah 61-63     How are you serving your city?
July 27     Read Psalms 91-93     How has God protected you over the years?
July 28     Read Isaiah 64-66     How does God reveal Himself to people?
July 29     Read Hosea 1-3     What does it mean to be in God's family and belong to Him?
July 30     Read Hosea 4-6     How can you avoid a shallow relationship with God?
July 31     Read Hosea 7-9     Why does God set up justice and hold people accountable?

August 1     Read Hosea 10-12     Are you depending on your own strength instead of God?
August 2     Read Hosea 13-14 and Micah 1     How has God cared for you in your bleakest moments?
August 3     Read Psalms 94-96     Are you looking for opportunities to share your faith each day?
August 4     Read Micah 2-4     Who can you bring to church with you?
August 5     Read Micah 5-7     How does God want you to live out your faith?
August 6     Read Nahum 1-3     How have you seen that God is slow to anger?
August 7     Read 2 Chronicles 33-34, Zephaniah 1     In what ways are you complacent in your faith?
August 8     Read Zephaniah 2-3     Do you resist the fact that the Lord delights in you?
August 9     Read Habakkuk 1-3     What are you asking God to do in this generation?
August 10     Read Psalms 97-99     When was the last time you shouted for joy to the Lord?
August 11     Read Jeremiah 1-3     What excuses are you using to shrink back from obedience?
August 12     Read Jeremiah 4-6     Why are you refusing to repent?
August 13     Read Jeremiah 11-12, 26     How has God prepared you for this moment and grown your capacity?
August 14     Read Jeremiah 7-9     Take time to share your deepest sorrows with the Lord.
August 15     Read Jeremiah 10, 14-15     Why has our culture lost reverence for God in so many areas?
August 16     Read Jeremiah 16-18     How is God shaping you like a potter with clay?
August 17     Read Psalms 100-102     Stop talking negatively about people who are not in the room.
August 18     Read Jeremiah 19-20, 35     How is God's word like a fire?
August 19     Read Jeremiah 36, 45, 25     When is it wise to keep a secret?
August 20     Read Jeremiah 46-49     How does your pride deceive you?
August 21     Read Jeremiah 13, 22-23     How does God want to transform you?
August 22     Read Jeremiah 24, 27-28     What is your plan to know God better?
August 23     Read Jeremiah 29, 50-51    When have you seen God restore someone's life?
August 24     Read Psalms 103-105    How is honoring God linked to His great love?
August 25     Read Jeremiah 30-33    Worship God and let go of your fears.
August 26     Read Jeremiah 21, 34, 37     How does God encourage prisoners?
August 27     Read Jeremiah 38-39, 52     How have you seen God bring an advocate to someone who was mistreated?
August 28     Read Jeremiah 40-42     Be as bold as God wants you to be.
August 29     Read Jeremiah 43-44, Lamentations 1     Sin provokes God to anger.
August 30     Read Lamentations 2-5     How does God's love sustain you?
August 31     Read Psalms 106-108     Come clean before the Lord and own your rebellion.

September 1     Read 2 Chronicles 36:1-8 & Daniel 1-3     What is God teaching you?
September 2     Read Daniel 4-6     How can you tell more people about what God has done in your life?
September 3     Read Daniel 7-9     Spend some time today praying for your city.
September 4     Read Daniel 10-12     How can you persevere in prayer and be intentional with your time?
September 5     Read 2 Chronicles 36:9-21 & Ezekiel 1-3     How would you describe the glory of God?
September 6     Read Ezekiel 4-6     When and how have you had to give a warning to people?
September 7     Read Psalms 109-111     What role has fasting played in your relationship with God?
September 8     Read Ezekiel 7-9     How does rebellion lead to calamities?
September 9     Read Ezekiel 10-12     How can you help people who are wandering away from the Lord?
September 10     Read Ezekiel 13-16     How do you respond to false prophets and people who spread lies?
September 11     Read Ezekiel 17-20     What can you learn from other people's mistakes?
September 12     Read Ezekiel 21-24     What is spiritual adultery and prostitution?
September 13     Read Ezekiel 25-28     Are you trying to take God's place in any ways?
September 14     Read Psalms 112-114     Practice generosity with someone today.
September 15     Read Ezekiel 29-32     Why does God want to destroy idols?
September 16     Read Ezekiel 33-36     Spend time praying for pastors today.
September 17     Read Ezekiel 37-40     How is the Holy Spirit directing and changing you?
September 18     Read Ezekiel 41-44     When have you helped someone return to God?
September 19     Read Ezekiel 45-48     How can you be an advocate for justice and equality?
September 20     Read 2 Chronicles 36:22-22 & Ezra 1-3     How is the Holy Spirit directing and changing you?
September 21     Read Psalms 115-117     How can you give God more glory for the good things in your life?
September 22     Read Ezra 4 & Haggai 1-2     How do you respond to people who try to discourage you?
September 23     Read Zechariah 1-3    Who can you invite over to your house for a meal?
September 24     Read Zechariah 4-6    How strong are your spiritual and family foundations?
September 25     Read Zechariah 7-9    How are you showing God's mercy to people?
September 26     Read Zechariah 10-12     How is God providing for you, and how are you thanking Him?
September 27     Read Zechariah 13-14     What are some of the reasons you look forward to Jesus' return?
September 28     Read Psalms 118-119:6     God does not want you to have a spirit of defeat, so let it go.
September 29     Read Ezra 5-7     Who can you write a letter to and encourage today?
September 30     Read Ezra 8-10     What does public repentance look like and why is it important?

October 1     Read Esther 1-3     What opportunities is God placing before you to walk by faith?
October 2     Read Esther 4-6     What fasting and risk-taking does God want you to take?
October 3     Read Esther 7-10     Have you ever seen someone plan something cruel, but it backfired?
October 4     Read Nehemiah 1-3     Bring your sadness to the Lord.
October 5     Read Psalm 119:17-72     How are you overcoming temptations?
October 6     Read Nehemiah 4-6     How can you support people who are poor?
October 7     Read Nehemiah 7-9     Spend as much time as you can today in God's word and read it with other people too.
October 8     Read Nehemiah 10-13     How can you be more faithful to God?
October 9     Read Malachi     Are you bringing a tenth of your income to God through your church?
October 10     Read Matthew 1-3     How can you earnestly seek God every day?
October 11     Read Matthew 4-7     Who are you fishing for and how are you reaching them?
October 12     Read Psalm 119:73-120     Be eager to praise God publically and fearlessly.
October 13     Read Matthew 8-10     What is the cost of following Jesus for you?
October 14     Read Matthew 11-13     What is the purpose of the Sabbath?
October 15     Read Matthew 14-16     How does Jesus' call on your life amaze you?
October 16     Read Matthew 17-19     Why is faith so important, and what victories does it bring?
October 17     Read Matthew 20-22     Serve and get to know your neighbors.
October 18     Read Matthew 23-25     How do you know we are getting closer to Christ's return?
October 19     Read Psalm 119:121-176     Be eager to praise God publicly and fearlessly.
October 20     Read Matthew 26-28     What is Jesus' purpose for you?
October 21     Read Mark 1-4     Start a new habit of deep prayer times in the morning.
October 22     Read Mark 5-8     How is Jesus inviting you into His work?
October 23     Read Mark 9-12    How are you living out servant leadership?
October 24     Read Mark 13-15    Does anyone know when Jesus will return?
October 25     Read Luke 1-4    What is the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, and how can you share the good news?
October 26     Read Psalms 120-122     How can you lean into God's strength more during the day?
October 27     Read Luke 5-8     What is Jesus calling you to leave behind as you follow Him?
October 28     Read Luke 9-12     What does Jesus want you to pray for now?
October 29     Read Luke 13-16    Will most people accept Jesus' offer of salvation?
October 30     Read Luke 17-20     How can you help children experience and walk closely with Jesus?
October 31     Read Luke 21-24     It is a sin if you refuse to forgive someone, so let go of bitterness and revenge.

November 1     Read John 1-3     How can you be more about Jesus and less focused on yourself?
November 2     Read Psalms 123-125     What has God helped you escape?
November 3     Read John 4-6     How has Jesus healed you?
November 4     Read John 7-9     How are you tempted to rush ahead of God's timing, or to procrastinate?
November 5     Read John 10-12     Who is hurting that you can enter in and weep with them?
November 6     Read John 13-15     Shift from discouragement to trusting God.
November 7     Read John 16-18     Are you very teachable, leadable, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's promptings?
November 8     Read John 19-21     Who is a widow that you can care for this week?
November 9     Read Psalms 126-128     Are you letting God write the script, or are you doing your own thing?
November 10     Read Acts 1-4     How can you pray more out loud and with other people?
November 11     Read Acts 5:1-8:3     Commit to living with full integrity, and stop telling any type of lies.
November 12     Read Acts 8:4-11:18     How much persecution of Christians is happening in the world in this generation?
November 13     Read Acts 11:19-14:28     Pray for people who are in prison and prison ministries.
November 14     Read James     Ask God for wisdom for your upcoming decisions.
November 15     Read Galatians     What does it mean to find your identity in the Lord?
November 16     Read Psalms 129:131     What is God teaching you about waiting well?
November 17     Read Acts 15-17:10     What group of people is God calling you to help?
November 18     Read Philippians     Turn your fears and worries into prayers, which lead to peace.
November 19     Read 1 Thessalonians     In what ways are you grieiving the Holy Spirit?
November 20     Read 2 Thessalonians & Acts 17:11-18:11     What kind of work ethic does God want you to have?
November 21     Read 1 Corinthians 1-3     How can you spread the gospel to more people?
November 22     Read 1 Corinthians 4-7     How can you pursue sexual purity and honor the Lord?
November 23     Read Psalms 132-134    How can you pursue greater unity in your church?
November 24     Read 1 Corinthians 8:1-11:1    Are you serving God with all of your strength?
November 25     Read 1 Corinthians 11:2-14:40    Ask God to fill you with His love.
November 26     Read 1 Corinthians 15-16     How many of your closest friends are on fire for God?
November 27     Read 2 Corinthians 1-5     How is God comforting you, and who can you comfort?
November 28     Read 2 Corinthians 6-9     You will reap what you sow, therefore be generous with God and people.
November 29     Read 2 Corinthians 10-13     How does God work through your weaknesses?
November 30     Read Psalms 135-137     Spend several minutes simply giving thanks to God each day.

December 1     Read Acts 18:12-19:41 and Ephesians 1-2     What are the ways you are blessed through Jesus?
December 2     Read Ephesians 3-6     How can you guard unity in your church and family?
December 3     Read Romans 1-3     How are we made righteous?
December 4     Read Romans 4-6     What promises of God are you holding onto in difficult times?
December 5     Read Romans 7-9     How does the Holy Spirit help you in prayer?
December 6     Read Romans 10-12     How does the world try to squeeze you into its patterns and values?
December 7     Read Psalms 138-140     Is God's love the basis of your self-esteem?
December 8     Read Romans 13-16     Do you need to distance yourself from anyone?
December 9     Read Acts 20-22     Do you believe giving is better than receiving, and if so, how?
December 10     Read Acts 23-25     How can you testify about Jesus where you live, work, learn and play?
December 11     Read Acts 26-28     Ask God for more boldness and opportunities.
December 12     Read Colossians     How can you honor your parents and/or be kind to your children?
December 13     Read Hebrews 1-4     Who can you build up spiritually
December 14     Read Psalms 141-143     How can you wisely guard your words more often?
December 15     Read Hebrews 5-8     In what specific ways is God calling you to submit to Him and other people?
December 16     Read Hebrews 9-11     Who are some of your heroes in the faith?
December 17     Read Hebrews 12-13, Titus     How is discipline and rebuking part of true love?
December 18     Read Philemon     How can you be more active in sharing your faith?
December 19     Read 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy     Why is Scripture reliable, and what does it accomplish in your life?
December 20     Read 1 Peter     How is suffering part of your calling?
December 21     Read Psalms 144-146     How would you describe God's character?
December 22     Read 1 John     How can you initiate love with people God has brought into your life?
December 23     Read 2 Peter, 2 John, 3 John, Jude    How does knowing this world won't last change your life and priorities?
December 24     Read Revelation 1-4    How does listening to Jesus help you overcome obstacles and persevere? 
December 25     Read Revelation 5:1-8:5    There will be people from every nation in heaven, so let's unite more now.
December 26     Read Revelation 8:6-11:19     Resist sin that wants to master you because there is hope and freedom in Jesus.
December 27     Read Revelation 12-13     Sometimes the circumstances will not change, but remember God's grace is sufficient.
December 28     Read Psalms 147-150     What is the purpose of angels, and how do they glorify God?
December 29     Read Revelation 14-16     How can you bring God more glory?
December 30     Read Revelation 17-19     What will Jesus look like when He returns?
December 31     Read Revelation 20-22     What is the devil's destiny, and how does that encourage you?

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