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Witness with Joy & Caring

Do people turn to God because of how they see you living?

Written by Hope on 25/08/2013

1 Peter 2:12

An older woman was in the hospital, recovering from an accident. Her nurse noticed that her family came to visit every day, and that all of them, including the patient, were full of joy, in spite of her condition.

One day, one of these visitors gathered the group for prayer, and asked the nurse to join them as well.

No one had ever offered to pray with the nurse, and, having no religious beliefs, she felt very awkward. Yet, she felt compelled to stay, and she closed her eyes with the others.

The man started by praising the God they were talking to, then requested healing for the patient. He prayed in simple, everyday language, like a child sharing his needs with a loving father. She became so immersed in the atmosphere that she almost missed it when he paused. She looked up and realized that he was asking her name. He shut his eyes to continue the prayer, asking God to bless and guide her! As the prayer came to an end, she was overcome with emotion as she realized that this stranger cared for her!

Through her tears, she explained that she knew something was missing from her life -- was prayer the secret to their joy? They explained that it wasn't the prayer, but Whom they prayed to, that brought them joy. And it wasn't secret or mysterious; they willingly told her how she could come to know God through His Son, Jesus Christ. The man who had prayed gave her his contact information so she could learn more. It turned out he was not a family member, but the pastor of their church.

The family rejoiced with the nurse as she placed her faith in Jesus. Their joyful, loving attitudes had made a huge impression on her, and now she too knew the source of their peace and joy.

Do people turn to God because of how they see you living?

Prayer, Care, and Share Jesus

Caring for people within your reach!

(The “Take 5” Challenge continued from last week)

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:12

A couple of weeks ago, we challenged you to choose 5 people who don’t know Jesus, who you feel God wants you to reach out to. We call it the “Take 5” Challenge. The challenge includes PRAYING for God’s blessing on them, and for them to accept Jesus as their Savior. )

In addition to praying for the 5 people you’re reaching out to, you can CARE for them by:
•Building or maintaining your friendship with them;
•Being sensitive to their needs and watchful for crises in their lives, or those close to them (trials often promote increased openness to the Gospel).
•Help meet the need or manage the crisis however you can;
•Encourage them;
•Pray that the Lord will provide for them and work in their hearts through the crisis.

God wants our lives to reflect Him, so that people will notice our good deeds and praise God (1 Peter 2:12). Whatever you do for people you’re ministering to, do it out of love for them and obedience to Jesus. Don’t let negative reactions discourage you from loving them.

When you pray about a need for someone, you can pray silently for them or audibly with them. Be open to how God may direct you one way or the other.

If anyone you’re ministering to doesn’t live near you, use technology (Phone, SMS, Skype or similar) to build the relationship.

Remember that the daily focus on your Five, which I’ve been calling “Take Five,” is a persevering effort until either the person accepts Jesus, or as long as God is leading you to reach out. I prayed for 20 years with many others for my Mum's salvation, and she came joyfully into God’s Kingdom of Light just 3 years before she died and went gloriously to Heaven!

Pray this week:

God will help you live in His ways so others will praise Him.

Offering to pray for strangers when they are obviously in need is a great way to show the love of Jesus... would you feel comfortable doing this? How can we pray for you?

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