How to Pray

Part 4: Prayers of Needs

How do you share your needs with Jesus?

Written by Abide
Series: How to Pray


Our prayers most often include asking, begging and requesting something of God.  Scripture tells us He loves the sweet smell of those prayers.  Prayers of supplication are the most common type of prayers we bring to God.

The Hebrew and Greek words for “supplication” mean “a request or petition,” so a prayer of supplication is asking God for something. We see this in the New Testament during the Lord’s Prayer when Jesus tells us to ask for our daily bread.  That is a prayer of supplication. In Luke 18, Jesus reminds us not to give up praying for what we need. Those are prayers of supplication. And more than simply sharing our needs to Christ, we are showing our faith to Christ. 

When did you last set aside a special time to share the needs and desires of your heart and bring them before God in petition and supplication?

Listen HERE for guidance on learning how to bring our personal needs into the presence of God through prayer.

This series was written by Julie Thomas.

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