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3 Questions for Finding the "Perfect" Spouse

A husband and wife are made to share each others’ lives intimately -- in ways that no one else should. But how do you find one?

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3 Questions for Being the "Perfect" Spouse

Believe it or not, finding the “perfect” spouse starts with being the kind of spouse you desire.

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3 Questions to Strengthen Your Marriage

How can you build a stronger marriage that ultimately glorifies God?

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Help! My Partner Is Not a Believer

The Bible says the godly life of a Christian can testify to unbelieving spouses, who “will be won over [to God] by observing your pure and reverent lives” (1 Peter 3:1-2).

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Why Should We Run from Sexual Sin?

The proper place for sex is between a husband and wife. Outside of that relationship, sex is destructive to you and to others, just like an out of control fire.

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Restored Sexuality

God’s plan for sex

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