How to Pray

Part 2: Prayers of Praise and Worship

How do you worship God?

Written by Abide
Series: How to Pray


We often use the words praise and worship interchangeably. Praising God and worshipping God. But they are quite different.  

We praise God when we recall and thank Him for the wonderful things He has done.  We should praise and thank God. We can praise and thank other people in our life, too. We can adore other people and things. However, our worship is reserved only for God.  When we worship God, we surrender and focus our adoration on God alone. This is when worship goes beyond praise.     
Have you recently felt your simple awareness of God blossom into worship?  Have you longed for your words of thanksgiving to turn into songs of worship?  To love and praise God from the depths of your soul?  

Listen HERE for guidance on learning how to praise, adore and worship God during your time of prayer and meditation.

This series was written by Julie Thomas.

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