How to Pray

Part 3: Prayers of Confession

Is there anything blocking you from hearing God?

Written by Abide
Series: How to Pray


Scan your life for a moment.  Is there anything keeping you from encountering God today? Blocking you from hearing Him?

Well, one of the first things you can do to have a closer relationship with God is to come to Him with prayers of confession. We should make a habit of confessing our sins to God. Does God seem distant to you? Sin may be blocking you. If sin is blocking you from encountering God, then confession removes that wall. And when we confess our sins, God promises to forgive us.

Sin is any action that you and I take that is contrary to the will of God. But sin is greater than the sum of our individual actions and misdeeds. Sin is the result of the fracture of our relationship with God. So, dear friend, how do you feel right now?  This very moment? What is God pressing into your heart about your sin?

Listen HERE for guidance on learning how to confess your sins in the presence of God through prayer. 

This series was written by Julie Thomas.

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