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The Power of Encouragement

Years ago, my husband and I were seeking God’s will for our lives. We felt the Lord calling us to ministry, but we needed His confirmation. We prayed and asked for advice from our community. They helped us determine what path we should follow.

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3 Questions to Strengthen Your Marriage

How can you build a stronger marriage that ultimately glorifies God?

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Help! My Partner Is Not a Believer

The Bible says the godly life of a Christian can testify to unbelieving spouses, who “will be won over [to God] by observing your pure and reverent lives” (1 Peter 3:1-2).

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Trials Allow Us to Comfort Others

Why does God put His children through such terrible situations? Is there a purpose for our trials?

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The Pressure to Have Sex and Be Attractive

In many cultures, women are pressured to have sex and look appealing to men

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Why Should We Forgive Others?

Forgive Others as God Has Forgiven You

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