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Lesson 5: The Meaning of Holiness

It's time to take a look at how God’s holiness changes the way we live, interact with God, and interact with others in a practical way.

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Lesson 4: The Insanity of Luther

Here's how Martin Luther came to the realization that Jesus Christ provided the only possible way for broken humans to stand before a holy God.

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Lesson 3: Holiness and Justice

The justice we deserve because of our unholiness is often withheld because of God’s grace for us.

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Lesson 2: The Trauma of Holiness

What happens when we encounter God's holiness? Because we are sinful and broken humans, we cannot stand in the holiness of God.

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Lesson 1: The Importance of Holiness

Complete holiness is one of God’s most defining characteristics, and this holiness places Him on a throne above everything and everyone else.

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Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

What is your source of identity? Is it what social media tells you? What DOES God say about your identity as a Christian? How does one live up to THAT identity?

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